Holding Space for Souls

My name is Tracey, welcome to Holding Space for Souls. Whatever brings you here, wherever it is you are at, please know that you are most welcome and I appreciate your presence.

I invite you to really BE HERE NOW…….close your eyes for a moment or two and take a couple of deep slow breaths…… now open your eyes when you are ready and relax.

Holding Space for Souls is really just what the name says… Space for Souls To Be. A container if you will, that is a spiritual, sacred, safe, secure, and supportive place for you to spend some time in. Space for you to begin or continue on in your own healing journey, your journey to becoming your Authentic Self and to live a Soul-Aligned life.

Holding Space for Souls is a Space for you to slow right down, relax and give yourself a little bit of attention and self-care. Time to try and get your head around what it is that is going on for you, going on inside. Perhaps the inside is not somewhere that you often go, but maybe for a while now you have been feeling something within. Something different, you may not be able to actually put into words what it is but you know something is going on there.

This seems to be where a lot of people are at the moment, questioning their beliefs, values, and their current lifestyles.

The winds of change have been blowing for years now and not all have been aware of the shifts, the signs of break down, but these last twelve months or so there have been changes that everyone has noticed and all have been affected in some way or another. Changes are on both a macro and micro level.

In this Space, we are talking about changes that you may be feeling on the inside and hence your possible reason for looking for answers and finding your way here. A catalyst for beginning your journey of self-discovery.

You may be feeling a sense of disconnectedness, disempowerment, up-rootedness, or that you are out of alignment with whom you think or know you are. You may feel that nothing really ‘fits’ you anymore. You may have started asking yourself the big questions about life, about who you really are and why you are here. You may be realising that things you are hearing out there in the world do not make sense to you any longer. You may be curious about certain words that are resonating in some way for you now but you are not sure why. Words like NEW EARTH, ASCENSION, CONSCIOUSNESS, AWAKENING, 5D, DNA UPGRADE, MULTIDIMENSIONS, and so on.

If you are keen to find answers, if you are inquisitive or intrigued, this is the Space for you.

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