Holistic End of Life Doula

Most of us are familiar with the Benjamin Franklin quote:
“……The only things that are certain are death and taxes…..”

However most of us in Western cultures do not like to talk about death or prepare for this inevitable transition, so when death touches us we are often at a loss.
The process of our journey out of this earthly realm can take many forms and so too can the roles of the End of Life Doula/Midwife.
Traditionally there is clinical care before the transition into death and funeral care following the transition, leaving a gap in the actual continuity of care.  Primarily the role of the doula is to help ‘bridge the gap’ for both the living and the dying,  providing the consistency and continuity of care during the transition from life to death.  The doula can accompany the person who is passing over and their loved ones during the final days, weeks or months of their life. At Holding Space for Souls we recognize that every situation is unique and in consultation with the client and family, will provide a package that suits the everyone’s requirements.

We can provide emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual support for the dying and their family, along with practical assistance such as education, funeral or wake planning, resources and Advanced Health Care Directives.

Whether in a hospital, hospice, aged care facility or the family home, we can attend to your needs.

My years of life experience, formal study (BSc Psychology, End of Life Doula, Birth Doula), employment (Diversional Therapist in Dementia/Aged Care and informal training (Palliative Care) have enabled me to provide an empathetic and holistic service.

Initial consultation (approximately 30 minutes) is complimentary.

Packages can include any of the above mentioned support.