What my clients are saying about me….

Micki and Chris Bartlett. NSW. Australia.

“Tracey is magical. She is warm and kind and makes time for her clients and really listens to their requests. Tracey made an extraordinary amount of effort to make sure she was here for my husband and me, both physically and emotionally. I felt really safe and supported in Tracey’s presence. She was very professional in her approach and she respected my wishes. Tracey has knowledge and wisdom in this field and genuinely cares about her clients”.

“Thank you Tracey”.


Sandy M. Brisbane QLD. Australia.

“Tracey was a wonderful support right throughout our adventure. Having her as my guide gave me someone to turn to for support and knowledge, but most importantly to grow my own confidence”.

“Thank you”.

 Sophie H. Brisbane QLD. Australia.

“Tracey is very warm and professional and so kindhearted. She has helped me so much and I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to her for any help or assistance. She is so genuine and knowledgeable”.

“I would recommend her to everybody”.

George T. Ipswich QLD. Australia.

“I recommend Tracey to all of my friends and colleagues; she is very professional and empathetic”

“Tracey has the ability to get to the real heart of the matter and provide realistic practical advice”.

JCB –  Paris. France.

“Thank you Tracey for your in-depth reading and explaining to me quite thoroughly about the meanings. Your reading completely answered my questions! You are very motivational and you give great guidance. Thank you!”

Peta K – Bandra. India.

“You gave me a lot of insight into my questions and your answers were full of useful advice. I would recommend you to everyone!”

L W –  Brisbane. QLD. Australia.

“I can completely resonate with this and it is spot on!  Thank you for the reading.”

S D – Ipswich QLD. Australia.

“Very accurate reading, thank you”.

A.M Brisbane QLD. Australia.  

Tracey has guided us, as a family, not once but twice through fear release sessions. From beginning to end we felt nurtured, listened to, and supported. We left feeling calm, grounded, and positive and had births that reflected this. Tracey radiates warmth and compassion. We feel incredibly grateful to have had Tracey present during these most precious moments in our lives and could not possibly recommend this incredibly caring soul any higher”

Jax and Milly Hairdressing Salon. QLD. Australia. “I reached out to Tracey to do an online Tarot reading for me today and to say that it was spot on is an understatement!
The depth that Tracey was able to contribute to my question was amazing, right down to needing to put myself outside to ground again is something that my soul is massively craving and I haven’t been able to give myself lately. Reminding me that my higher self can help to guide my life choices if I let her. That I am also needing to get out of my head a bit more and needing to stop letting fear hold me back from my life goals. My heart and inner self was feeling it but my head was distracting, Tracey helped me to see that I am holding the right directions and to let my visions and higher vibrations guide me to my full potential 💜 

DM. Idaho. USA. 

“Tracey, you completely answered my question. You have more than covered off on actions I can take to move forward. I feel as though you have personally connected with me despite the long distance. I will recommend you to everyone!”

CSJ. Brisbane. QLD. Australia.

“Wow, the reading was just what I needed! So many insights, so much helpful advice, and clear direction. I feel so much better now and better equipped to work things out. Thank you so much Tracey!”

Megan – @MindfulnessWithMegan. Northern Ireland.

“Tracey, thank you so much for my reading. You went above and beyond and provided me with insight and answers in relation to my question. I love being able to go back and read it again, it has given me so much to reflect on and hope for my future. Thank you so much!”

Andrew. T. Brisbane. QLD. Australia

“I wasn’t sure if energy healing was for me but Tracey’s calm and understanding presence was enough to convince me to give it a go. The results have been great, I feel so much more at ease and empowered to be able to help myself. I would always recommend Tracey”.

Sydella Gallick Art. Northern Ireland.

” Tracey conducted a distance Tarot reading for me. The connection was strong and the reading was powerful. Tracey tapped into an aspect within me that helped me view things in a slightly different way. The shift is the little difference that makes the big difference. It has impacted my relationships and my outlook. The knowing was deepened in what I am capable of. What was beautiful was this idea that I embody all which I have learned and studied and the idea of upgrading those around me with just my energy. This is something that people say to me literally all the time! Tracey has a wonderful and powerful gift and I am grateful for the new relationship and connection we have!”

Julianne M. Brisbane. QLD. Australia.

“My life reading with Tracey was a real eye-opener. I had no idea where to start with what she presented to me, however, Tracey worked with me in a series of sessions and now I feel as though I can take control of my life. Tracey, thank you so much for your endless support, endearing personality, and caring soul!”

Joanne @the.brain.geek. Northern Ireland.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Tracey. Tracey explained her interpretation perfectly and I could 100% relate to my reading. I am very grateful for this insightful and clarifying reading.”

Cat@Dallat. Northern Ireland.

“Thanks for providing me with clarity around a situation that was presenting itself to me. Thank you for encouraging me to examine myself as a way to move forward.”

Monica@monica_and_willow. Ontario. Canada.

“Tracey did a mini-reading for me recently. It was a delicate subject and she handled it with so much grace. She has so much love and light. She explained it to me so well. She was honest and gave me different ways to look at the situation and showed so much love with regards to my question. Thank you, Tracey.”

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