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I believe that now, more than ever before, people are desiring to lead a soul-aligned life. People feel drawn to understanding themselves better, to discovering what life is really all about, and to feel a part of something, though they may not know what exactly.

So much is happening in the the world right now, and whilst many of us know that it is the most exciting time to be here on this beautiful earth, many more are confused, scared and depressed by what they see and hear and by how it is making them feel.

My passion is to help others to learn the art of living in alignment with whom they really are. We all are energetic beings on a journey of discovery, spiritual beings having an experience in a human body. We are not all aware of this and some may never be, and that is their journey, but others will begin to awaken to the calling of their soul. The inner voice, the internal guidance system is calling out, and many are starting to hear little murmurs. We all have innate intuitive abilities and we have the power to harness them and empower our lives but it takes work. Soul work, and something I have personally been doing for many years. I consider myself to be a Starseed, Light Worker, a Truth-seeker, or WayShower, here to serve during this time of our planetary upgrade, our shift in consciousness, and the formation of New Earth.

My own experiences in learning this art (and I am continuously learning this art) have seen me jumping into many rabbit holes and sitting at the feet of some great teachers and I wish to share what I have learned with others who are hearing the call to expand, to evolve and to, in turn, serve others. When we work on ourselves, we add to the collective consciousness in a positive way.

As a result of me following the niggling little feelings within I ended up on a journey that led me to birth ‘Holding Space for Souls’. The original creation began some three years ago when I put my formal studies together with my life experience and began to offer natural health services that included counseling, doula services, energy healing, and flower essence therapy. This year, seeing the continuing effects of last year’s huge worldwide changes on people’s sense of peace, direction, and empowerment I felt the need to concentrate more on my psychic, counseling, and energy healing services.

Soul Work Sessions

Holding Space for Souls offers one on one soul work sessions (either in person or online) aimed at supporting souls who are somewhere on their journey of self-discovery, who wish to find their true authentic self, and soul-aligned path. This is such a wild ride that is full of surprises but also very liberating! There are so many “Ah-ha” moments along the way as you feel yourself embodying your true self and the sense of self-appreciation is palpable! 

In my sessions, I incorporate intuitive readings, psychotherapy, life coaching, flower essence therapy, and energy healing depending on the needs of the client. 

If you looking for some insight around a question and would like a stand-alone Tarot Card reading, I can also offer this.

If any of this resonates with you and if you feel the calling to work with me, please contact me.  

Your contribution for a Tarot Card Reading is $50 and for a Life Reading $120.

Contributions for Reiki Sessions start at $50 and Flower Essences start at $25

Please note that I offer alternatives for your contributions should you require any assistance. Alternatives include donations and bartering. Please contact me if you require further information.

Fear Release Sessions

Holding Space for Souls is still offering the Fear Release Sessions that have been so popular in the past. Originally aimed at expectant parents, these sessions have also proved most valuable for so many other life events.

Who would benefit from Fear Release Sessions:

  • Expectant parents bringing a new soul earthside
  • Those about to experience a loss (maybe someone close to you has been diagnosed with a terminal illness)
  • Those embarking on something new (a new relationship, a new job, or maybe your first-ever trip overseas)

If you are not certain whether these sessions are for your particular situation, feel free to contact me to discuss. Your contribution for this session is $100.00.

Read what our clients have to say about the Fear Release Sessions…..

A.M Brisbane. QLD. Australia.

Tracey has guided us, as a family, not once but twice through fear release sessions. From beginning to end we felt nurtured, listened to, and supported. We left feeling calm, grounded, and positive and had births that reflected this. Tracey radiates warmth and compassion. We feel incredibly grateful to have had Tracey present during these most precious moments in our lives and could not possibly recommend this incredibly caring soul any higher”.

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