Hello everyone!

With Mabon (Autumn Equinox) almost upon us, I thought it might be the perfect time to share some extra love and offer 10% off my Wildcrafted Organic Herbal teas, blends, and single herbs.

Mind you, at the moment summer still seems to be having her final fling with us and is struggling to make way for autumn. Temperatures have been very high these last few days, making most of us wish that autumn would kick in a little quicker!

My herbal teas are perfect for serving chilled over ice with some lemon or lime slices to help us keep hydrated, and even the children love them!

Once the cooler weather is here, the teas can be served hot with a dash of honey too, for those who love a little sweetness.

The discounted price brings the small bags (approx 4 cups) down to $4.95 and the large bags (approx 15 cups) down to $13.95 (plus postage), so why not stock up now?

To celebrate Mabon we will be enjoying a bonfire under the New Moon, with some mulled wine and maybe I will pull a Tarot card or two for some guidance as we move further into this dark half of the year.

For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, we hope that you are being blessed with signs of Spring everywhere and are ready to celebrate Ostara, the Spring Equinox.

Bright blessings

Tracey xx