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Spiritual Guidance Readings

  • Are you hearing the calling of your inner voice urging you to wake up to your true purpose?
  • Are you beginning to awaken to your innate spiritual gifts?
  • Are you ready to return to your Spiritual roots?
  • Are you an Empath wanting assistance to understand your uniqueness and how to manage it?
  • Are you ready to connect to your internal guidance system?
  • Are you feeling the call to up level Spiritually?
  • Are you an empath, healer, or coach, ready to bring more Spirituality to your business?
  • Are you wanting to understand your business spiritually?
  • Are you curious as to your purpose here on earth?

Women like you, from all stages and walks of life, are hearing the whispers of their souls, letting them know that it is time for them to live the life they are meant to live. To live the purpose that is their unique calling and help make this world a much better place.

To up-level their businesses to bring in the spiritual element that they know needs to be present but isn’t. To heal, nourish, and empower others who have yet to awaken to their gifts and so as to raise the collective energy of mama earth.

Using a combination of Channeled messages from my Guides, and on most occasions, from your Guides too, Tarot cards for divining guidance and wisdom, and energy frequency reading, my Spiritual Guidance Readings will provide you with as much insight, clarity, and information as possible to help you on your spiritual journey.

I will assist you in uncovering the answers to what it is you are seeking, what is holding you back, and to what your next move is.

If you want to understand how to make the difference that you know you can, this is the place for you!

What can you expect from your reading?

I begin by reading your energy, feeling into your chakras (energy centres), and reading your energetic layers to determine where you are at energetically and to uncover any potential mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical blockages.

I then delve deeper into these blockages that may be preventing you from living in flow and alignment, to help release them so that you can move forward. This is where the Channeled messages come in and assist in providing answers and direction for you and will help you discover where you are within your life journey and the potentials that are there for you on a soul level.

I will use the Tarot cards to assist in digging deeper if something comes up that you are unable to identify.

I do not work with the future as in predicting it, but rather I read the information and potentials emanating from the frequency streams that are linked and most present to where your soul is at within its own expansion, and where you are at within your life journey.

There are many potential pathways you (and all of us) can take or not take. We can all ‘change timelines’ every time we make a decision.

You will (as will we all) continue to experience similar lessons in life, showing up in different ways but with the same message until you have learned the lesson and done the work on yourself, which in turn will change your frequency, the energy you are radiating at.

(Future potentials exist on many different frequency streams, it is all a matter of whether we align with a certain pathway that is linked to our soul’s evolution).

We will touch on your current lifestyle choices and how this impacts your soul growth. I will give you relatable and practical suggestions and tips for you to take away and work on so that you feel in control and more in tune with who you are at your core.

I work closely throughout this process with my own guides, channeling any information that comes through for you. Also, I invite your guides in to assist us.

You will feel more confident, reassured, understood, and validated. You will know your next step which is so very empowering!

You will leave the session feeling very positive and so much lighter because you will be radiating at a higher frequency and you will be feeling in alignment, and motivated!

Readings are available on three levels:


-$222 (extended session)

-$333 (extended session & follow up session)

One-On-One Courses

If you wish to work with me further, to learn how to understand your gifts so that you can utilise them in your day-to-day life, I offer a one-on-one course of workshops covering a number of weeks, (four or six), tailored to your own personal spiritual growth and soul expansion.

These sessions often cover but are not limited to the following areas. (It really is dependent on where you are at and what you feel ready to explore on a deeper level).

  • Working with your guides
  • Understanding and working with your intuition
  • Reading energy
  • Meditation
  • Divination
  • Limiting beliefs
  • De programming
  • Tarot
  • Flower Essence Therapy

For more information and pricing please contact me.


“I had a past life regression hypnosis session with Tracey and it was incredible! From the very beginning of the session, Tracey made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I loved how Tracey guided me through the experience and helped me to uncover the things my subconscious needed me to know. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling curious about their past, present, and future and is looking for guidance in their life. Thank you, Tracey. You are amazing!”

Louise Feltham-Smith. Newport, Australia

” I had my QHHT session with Tracey last week. Her love and understanding of her craft are incredible. I felt safe and relaxed. The experience was authentic and precise. Tracey as always, went above and beyond as this is not the first time I have had my past life regression facilitated. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who feels the call to connect”.

Kate N. Deception Bay, Australia.

“I had a QHHT (Regression Therapy) session with Tracey which can be quite scary and vulnerable not knowing what is likely to come out from your subconscious. Tracey made me feel very comfortable and able to share my deepest darkest secrets. She creates a warm and friendly environment where you feel safe and held and allows you to process the information in your own time, and checks in with you all the way. I highly recommend it!”

Leoni Bolt. Brisbane, Australia

“Tracey has guided us, as a family, not once but twice through fear release sessions. From beginning to end we felt nurtured, listened to, and supported. We left feeling calm, grounded, and positive and had births that reflected this. Tracey radiates warmth and compassion. We feel incredibly grateful to have had Tracey present during these most precious moments in our lives and could not possibly recommend this incredibly caring soul any higher.”

A.M. Brisbane, Australia.