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Micki and Chris Bartlett.……“Tracey is magical. She is a warm and kind Doula that makes time for her clients and really listens to their requests. With unforeseen circumstances with the lead up and birth of my son, Tracey made an extraordinary amount of effort to make sure she was here for my husband and myself, both physically and emotionally. I felt really safe and supported in Tracey’s presence. She was very professional in her approach and she respected my pregnancy and birth. Tracey¬† has knowledge and wisdom in this field and genuinely cares about her clients throughout pregnancy and beyond. Thank you Tracey”


Sandy, Ryan and Theo McNamara…….”Tracey was a wonderful support right throughout our pregnancy, labour and postpartum adventure. Having her as our Doula gave us someone to turn to for support and knowledge, but most importantly to grow my own confidence in birthing and mothering. Thank you Tracey for supporting Edie’s safe arrival into the world”



George Taylor.……“I recommend Tracey to all of my friends and colleagues, she is very professional and empathetic”


Sophie Holmes…….“No matter what situation I come across I know I can always turn to Tracey for guidance. She always knows exactly what to say. Since the first time I met Tracey I felt her unique warmth and I felt that I could instantly trust and feel comfortable around her. I would highly recommend anyone to seek out Tracey’ services, as I am confident that she will not only positively influence your life but help guide you in the right direction”¬†