Dear beautiful souls,

Thank you for being here! Firstly, let me wish you a wonderful New Year! May your year be overflowing with blessings!

There is something very magickal about being in liminal space. I always feel that the period we have just passed, between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is a liminal space. The days seem to roll into one and we often can’t recall which day of the week it is, especially if we are fortunate enough not to have to go to a place of employment during this period. The time feels different and many of us can’t put a finger on exactly why that is. It is a liminal space.

What is the liminal space you may ask?

A liminal space is a very mystical kind of space that we find between two worlds, a space full of magick between what was and what is yet to come, a pause, a rest, a kind of ‘no man’s land’, a place of transition, a waiting room, a portal, a gap, a sense of anticipation, a sense of knowing, a sense of hesitation, a precipe…..

It is a space between two elements, like the ocean and the sky, or the ocean and the earth, and it is everywhere yet nowhere and it always feels like home to me. I seek them out or intentionally create them frequently because I love the feeling of them.

You can create your own little liminal spaces too, by making spaces between things in your day. Instead of rushing on to the next thing, create time to pause, to feel the sun on the back of your neck, to watch the waves roll into the shore, to feel the breeze, or to simply meditate for a few minutes.

If you feel like sharing, I would love to hear about your creations!

Love and light

Tracey x