Hello everyone!

How do you feel about Angels and Spirit Guides?

Many of us instinctively believe in them and just as many do not, where do you stand on this?

If you would like to know more, read on.

There are many types of Spirit Guides that are able to provide advice and assistance in any situation; you just need to call upon them.

Many of us have a team of Guides comprised of a mixture of the different types you can read about below.

If you don’t know your team, ask them to make themselves known to you.

Spirit guides can be labeled as Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, Guides, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, Elemental Energies (Faeries, Gnomes, Salamanders, etc.), or trees, mountains, creeks, etc.

Basically, anything that holds energy has the ability to use that energy to communicate impressions, feelings, thoughts, and healing.

Angels: In general, Angels can be any type of spiritual being in the angelic hierarchy. Angels help you with whatever it is you are calling on them for, be it love, protection, guidance, and so on.

Archangels: These high-ranking Angels have a very strong energy field and if you are empathic you will pick up the energy shift in the room when they are present. Every Archangel specialises in a particular type of healing.

For example:

Archangel Uriel: He helps you to embrace your inner wisdom. Ask him when you are feeling unsure about what God’s/The Universes’ will is for you. Uriel will also help you in love and protect your relationships from destructive energies.

Archangel Raphael: He is known for his assistance in healing both humans and animals. Healing on all levels; mind, body, and spirit.

Guardian Angels: Everyone has a Guardian Angel whether they believe it or not, and our Guardian Angel is with us through all of our lifetimes. They are exclusively ours and devote themselves to helping us. You can call on them anytime and they will assist you, but you do have to ask them. They know and understand you very well.

Guides: Guide is a general term that represents any spiritual beings that are ready and waiting to assist you when you call upon them.

Goddesses: A Goddess is a female deity and many cultures over thousands of years have worshipped these ‘supernatural’ beings. There are many different Goddesses that you can call upon for assistance and as with the Archangels; they all represent different strengths and qualities. They offer help in a myriad of areas that affect human existence.

Familiarize yourself with the Goddesses that handle the particular situation you are dealing with.

A few examples are:

Cerridwen (Celtic): Known as the Goddess of moon, magick, nature, astrology and art, she was also the cauldron keeper. Call on her guidance when working with your Full Moon or New Moon intentions.

Hekate (Greek): Known as the Goddess of the wild places, childbirth, magick and describing her unworldly, shamanic nature. Call on Hekate for assistance when you want to pass a message on to a loved one who has passed over or if you work with your menstrual cycles.

Spirit Animals: Spirit Animals can be any animal that has come to you to share information that you need at a particular point in time to enable you to move forward. For example; if a lion keeps showing up for you, research them and learn about their unique qualities and you will discover which of them you may need to adopt to help you in your present situation. It
might be their courage, their strength, or the way they have of commanding attention.
Also, a Spirit Animal can be a favourite pet that has passed over and has become a part of your team of protective Angels and Guides.

Ancestor Guides: These Guides are connected to you through genetic memory and are another member of your own team of protective Angels and Guides. They assist you in this current life and with past life traumas.

Elementals: These nature spirits come in all forms: faeries, elves, gnomes, mermaids, leprechauns, brownies, sylphs, dwarves, etc. and they inhabit the astral realms of Mama Earth. They are ethereal beings and don’t really have a physical form although you may well see them in a form familiar to you if it is what you need to see to be able to communicate
with them. Often when elementals connect with us it is because we have been called to work with them in healing and caring for Mama Earth and co-creating a healthy environment for all beings that live here.

Ascended Masters: An Ascended Master is considered to be a very high-level kind of Spirit Guide who has lived as a human being on earth for many lifetimes. They have attained enlightenment, a high spiritual state which is indicated by being fully aligned with the higher self. Although these Masters have originated from many different cultures and spiritual
traditions, they all understand and teach the same truth, which is that we are all one and that separation is an illusion.

I hope that you have found this informative.

Much love

Tracey xx