Hello everyone!

It has been a little quiet on the blog just recently but very busy behind the scenes! I have some exciting new and upgraded offerings to share with you all!


To begin with, in response to my Regression Hypnosis (QHHT) clients, who have face-to-face sessions with me (due to the nature of the therapy, I do not offer this online) and who often enjoy a cup of my homemade organic herbal tea blends, I am now offering the teas for purchase!


I have added Naturopath Approved Wildcrafted Organic Herbal Teas to my Bush Flower Essences and popped them in a lil Apothecary! Their packaging is simple and eco-friendly in honour of our beautiful earth!


So here we are, with four options currently available;

  • Holding Space Feminine Blend (Chamomile, Lavender & Rose Petal)
  • Mountain Tea (Holy Basil)
  • Mountain Revive Blend (Holy Basil & Spearmint)
  • Holding Space Healing Tea  (Liquorice Root)


If you are interested in the teas, I do have sample bags available for $2.22! Just contact me via the website.

Another change around here has been the upgrades I have made to my readings.

I began to notice that the readings were taking a new direction due to me receiving far more channeled messages during the Tarot Card Readings. I found that I wasn’t using the Tarot Cards very much at all, and the focus was on the messages that were coming through from my Guides and in some cases, the clients’ Guides.

The messages were all very much about our spiritual walk and how that affects our day-to-day lives and of course our professional lives too.

So now, although I use the Tarot when I feel the need for some divination regarding something that has come up for a client that requires more clarity, for the most part, the readings are all channeled.

The Spiritual Guidance Readings are offered on three different levels, depending on where you are personally at with your spiritual journey and where to wish to take it.

Level 1, takes approximately 60/70 minutes, and is for those who are just waking up to their spirituality and their spiritual gifts  or who have recently reawoken to them. Also, this is for those who wish to incorporate more spirituality in their professional lives but don’t know where to start.

Level 2, takes approximately 120 minutes, and is for the level one client who wishes to dig a little deeper and begin to look at more shadow aspects and to incorporate changes. Or for those already on their path and who want to implement changes and are not sure where or how to start.

Level 3, takes approximately 3 hours and is broken down into one session of two hours and another follow-up session which takes about one hour. This is for the client who is very serious about her earth walk and requires space to be held for her to not only make and implement changes but to be made accountable for those changes so that she can seriously anchor them as part of her journey.

For more information check out the ‘Work with Me page or contact me.

I hope that you all enjoyed your Winter Solstice!

Much love

Tracey xx