Hello everyone,

Here we are officially in the season of Spring! I hope you enjoyed your Spring Equinox celebrations, we certainly did.

The longer days can be felt now as the sun rises a little earlier and goes down a little later. The weather is definitely warming up and we are finding that we do not light the wood stove every evening now, which is such a shame for people like me who love the cosiness of the fire.

As has become a custom here in my little Apothecary, Spring means a new blend of 100% organic healing herbal tea.

This new release for the Spring Equinox is called Mountain Self-Care, because we all could do with a little more self-care in our lives!

This light and uplifting organic herbal brew is brimming with a whole stack of health benefits that will help to heal you on all levels. The healing herbs included are Tulsi to harmonise your Chakras, Nettle Leaf to nourish and cleanse, Oat Straw to strengthen and replenish, Lemon Balm to uplift and soothe, Passionflower to soften, and relax and Hibiscus to refresh and calm you.

What more you could want from a cuppa?

As with all of my teas, this new blend is Naturopath Approved, and is in eco-friendly minimal packaging. The blend is available in the 4-cup packet and your investment is $5.50 plus postage.

Please contact me using the contact form here on the website or through any of my social media channels.

Bright blessings to you all

Tracey x